I.T. Outsourcing

Oxford has broadened their horizons and is now actively involved in our Consultancy and Outsourcing areas of business in Harare and across Zimbabwe and east Africa.

We have various Consultancy firms and Contractors on our database who are looking to assist Blue Chip Companies with their IT security, Development, Implementation and improvements such as: -  

  Project Management

  Systems Development

  System Security


  MS Support (Microsoft)

  POS (Point of Sale)

  Stock Control

  Micro Finance

  Asset Management Systems

  Website Design

  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

 Systems Training

 Sales Consultancy/Business Development

Our Services

Non-IT Outsourcing

We have the following candidates to fit our client’s requests, of which we have named a few: -  

  Chartered Accountants

  Management Accounts

  Financial Managers

  Accounts Assistants

  Credit Controllers


  Chief Executive Officers

  Managing Directors

  General Managers

  Personal Assistants



Our Process

Temp Placements

As well as our standard recruitment service we provide industry specialist consultants to our clients and other staff for short to long-term projects.  Our rates for these services are well below those of the Professional Firms and as well as this, our methods are generally more flexible and adaptable to our client’s requirements.  

We are not limited at all by the normal problems facing the Professional Firms, such as the skills depth of their team, high overhead costs, mandated methods of approach etc.  This form of outsourcing has obvious benefits to the client for his project, i.e.-

  Lower project cost

  Ensures skills availability

  Shortens time to production

Allows flexible approach to meet changing   objectives and priorities

  Maximizes effectiveness of management time