Our Focus

•Accountancy, Bookkeeping
•Administration, Secretarial
•Agriculture, Forestry
•Banking, Financial, Insurance
•Bio, Chem, Pharmaceutical
•Construction, Civils, •Property
•Creative, Media
•Domestic, Garden
•Electronics, Instrumentation
•Engineering, Trades
We are an Executive Employment Agency specialising in Executive Recruitment across a wide range of job categories. We are based in Harare, Zimbabwe and we cater to both job seekers and to companies who are looking for staff in Harare and elsewhere in Zimbabwe. We specialise in executive job placements for our clients in Harare, in the rest of Zimbabwe and regionally across East and Southern Africa. Recently we have been able to satisfy job seekers with executive placements in South Africa, Zambia, Kenya,Tanzania and in the Middle East. We provide information on our job opportunities via our web site and we list all new jobs, placements and job opportunities in our vacancies page.

For those companies looking for staff in Zimbabwe (particularly in Harare) we provide an Executive Placement service where our experienced placement professionals will work with employers to identify and specify the job description. We then identify candidates who are known to us or do a search on our database of job seekers for a suitable candidate or we can initiate a “head hunt” exercise to source a selection of suitable experienced professionals.
 Our recruitment success rate is over 80%, i.e. identification of a job candidate, which fully meets our client’s requirements for a specific post.

Our candidate database is constantly being updated and includes a wide range of professionals in all disciplines.

Oxford Recruitment Zimbabwe can meet the demands of clients who want to place personnel within a short period of time.  Our electronic database, quick access to our candidate network and frequent assessment schedules allow us to meet your deadlines.
We advocate a recruitment process which involves top management and which utilizes a professional recruitment organization with knowledge of targeted recruitment techniques, knowledge of skills availability, the current costs of skills and with the ability to set realistic recruitment objectives.

How you, the Client will benefit?
Let us save you valuable hours by doing all the time-consuming paperwork and the legwork involved in selecting suitable applicants.  Your executives need only be involved in final interviews and decisions.

About Us

15 Years Experience

Take advantage of our knowledge of the local industry, in terms of available skills, costs of resources and applicability of these resources.

Oxford Recruitment is an experienced Executive Recruitment agency focused on bringing together job seekers and Employers looking for staff in Harare and the rest of Zimbabwe. Our expertise as an Employment Agency in Zimbabwe has been developed over many years as a niche placement agency where we specialise in matching job candidates to the specific needs of employers looking to make successful executive appointments.

We are able to fill any placements in the categories below:

•Health Care, Social Services

•Hospitality, Catering, Travel

•HR, Education, Training

•IT, Telecommunications

•Legal, Security

•Logistics, Shipping, Transport

•Management, Executive

•Manufacturing, Production

•Marketing, Sales, PR

•Mining, Metals, Minerals, Oil

•NGO, Non-Profit, Voluntary

•Retail, Wholesale